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Bartender – Umami Burger Chicago West Loop sbe Entertainment Group Chicago, IL

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  • Chicago, IL
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A new part-time Bartender – Umami Burger Chicago West Loop employment is available in Chicago, IL. Highly motivated candidates with excellent communication skills are encouraged to apply. New opportunities are offered by sbe Entertainment Group.

Brief Details

Job: Bartender – Umami Burger Chicago West Loop


Company: sbe Entertainment Group
Location: Chicago, IL

Job Description

Job Title: Bartender

FSLA Status: Exempt/Full Time

Reports To: General Manager

Location: West Loop

Welcome to Umami Burger!

Umami means “deliciousness.” Beyond sweet, sour, salty, and bitter, the fifth taste of Umami is rich and savory. A word coined by the Japanese, Umami is a powerful force behind many of our food cravings. Umami-rich foods include soy sauce, miso paste, and bonito flakes in Asian cuisine; and cured ham, cheese, tomatoes, ketchup and mushrooms in Western Cuisine.

Job Description:

The primary responsibility of the Bartender is to provide excellent service to all guests who approach the bar, prepare and pour drinks, and keep the bar area cleaned and stocked at all times as required by policies and procedures.

Job Focus:

Focus is on, but not limited to the following:

Prepares ordered drinks with proper portions and ingredients such as wine, mixed drinks, specialty cocktails, shots and related bar service to guests at assigned stations.
Expedites drink orders for each guest quickly and accurately. Serves refills upon request as well as follows up for additional beverage requirements.
Possesses a keen sense of timing and is capable of discreetly speeding up or slowing down his/her station as necessary.
Mixes drinks according to prescribed recipes; keeps station stocked with all liquor, glasses and accessories necessary; accounts for all beginning cash register bank, all cash, complimentary drinks and charge receipts.
Resourceful with beverages, fruit and supplies in order to maintain low beverage costs.
Must have knowledge of beverages, glassware, and garnishes.
Must possess the ability to initiate and maintain a relaxed and upbeat demeanor in a fast-paced environment with constant distractions.
Exhibits and executes a complete knowledge of the venue’s sequence of service and selling technique.
Prepares all products according to established venue recipes, focusing on proper portion size control.
Constantly provides customers with accurate information about the venue and property as well as entertainment offered in each.
Communicates and works with all support staff to ensure bar is properly stocked and prepared for operations.
Communicates and works with all support staff to ensure inventory is maintained at established par levels.
Work with a sense of urgency to anticipate customer needs and assist other team members when the opportunity arises.
Communicates with management & service staff to rectify any and all customer needs, comments or incidents.
Adheres to all established policies, procedures and guidelines.
Desired Qualifications:

At least 2 years prior bartending experience, preferably at a high volume restaurant or Nightclub.
At least 2 years previous money handling position, preferably at a high volume restaurant or Nightclub
Previous supervisory experience preferably
Have interpersonal skills to deal effectively with all business contacts.
Must present a neat and professional appearance while upholding a warm, positive and friendly persona at all times.
Working knowledge of all nightclub POS functions.
Work requires effective communication , both verbal and written form in a professional manner.
Must be 21 years of age or over.


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